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Ignite Your Potential with Life Coach London

Unlock a world of possibilities with Life Coach London's one-on-one life coaching program. Tailored to your unique journey, our dedicated coaches partner with you to navigate life's challenges, set meaningful goals, and foster comprehensive growth. Embark on a transformative path that not only highlights but amplifies your inner strengths, guiding you towards a brighter, more fulfilled future.

How we can help

Areas of focus

Career Coaching

Empower your career journey with bespoke guidance. Navigate through transitions, enhance job performance, and achieve professional aspirations with confidence.

Confidence Coaching

Elevate your self-esteem and face life’s challenges with newfound confidence. Our coaching empowers you to stand strong in your values and communicate with assertiveness.

Relationship Coaching

Cultivate meaningful connections and enrich your relationships. From romantic partners to family dynamics, discover strategies for better communication and understanding.

Wellness Coaching

Embrace a holistic approach to health, focusing on mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Create sustainable habits for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Personal Development

Embark on a journey to discover your true self. Unlock personal potential through increased self-awareness, goal setting, and change.

Stress Management

Master stress with techniques tailored to your life. Learn to navigate pressures with grace, maintaining balance and peace of mind.

4 simple steps to get started

Our personalised matching service connects you with a coach who specialises in addressing your unique challenges and goals, ensuring a path to success tailored just for you.
Step 1

Tell us about yourself

Complete our in-depth questionnaire, sharing your aspirations and challenges to help us understand how we can best support you.
Step 2

Match with a Coach

Once we have reviewed your questionnaire, we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a complimentary discovery call with a life coach whose expertise and style align with your personal journey, ensuring a harmonious match for your growth.
Step 3

Discovery Call

This conversation is your chance to meet your new coach, ask all your questions and discuss your goals and expectations.
Step 4

Begin Your Journey

Dive into personalised coaching sessions that promise to be transformative, guiding you step by step towards realising your dreams.

Connect with a coach who understands your aspirations

Our unique matching service guarantees a connection with a coach expert in your specific challenges, ensuring efficient and targeted growth.
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Tamsin C

Health & Wellness Coach

All our coaches are fully accredited / vetted

Male Lifecoach

Matthew R

Career Coach
Woman Life Coach

Nina M

Life Coach
Woman Life Coach

Fiona H

Confidence Coach
Women Life Coach

Karla W

Relationship Coach
Perfect Match

We match you with the coach that suits you and your life

Male Lifecoach

Ken M

Public Speaking Coach
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From only £50 per session

We believe personal growth should be accessible to everyone. Our sessions range from £50 to £150 per hour, balancing quality with accessibility. Each coach offers packages designed for long-term development, ensuring you receive support that aligns with your financial and personal growth goals.
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Life Coach London literally changed my life. I had a goal in mind but ended up going so much deeper than I thought with my coach. I would recommend to anyone who’s willing to make life-long changes.

Sam, Islington

I was sceptical about life coaching, but the personalised matching process at Life Coach London introduced me to the perfect coach for my needs and I was surprised of the amazing results I got by the end of my sessions.

Julia, Camden

Life Coach London helped me find clarity in my career goals. The bespoke approach made a significant difference.

Emilia, Wandsworth


Begin your journey with Life Coach London today.

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