About Life Coach London

At Life Coach London, we understand that life can be as complex as the bustling streets of our city. Here, amidst the vibrancy and diversity of London, our mission is to light the way to a brighter, more fulfilling future for each of our clients. Our foundation is built on the belief that everyone has untapped potential waiting to be discovered and nurtured.

Our Story

A Personal Journey

Life Coach London sprang from a deeply personal quest for balance and fulfilment. Nina Moyano, our founder, stood at life’s crossroads, with a successful corporate career on one hand and the priceless moments of her children's upbringing on the other. This pivotal moment wasn’t just a personal turning point; it became the cornerstone of Life Coach London.

The Spark of Transformation

The journey from corporate lead to life coach was sparked by Nina's realisation that true fulfilment comes from aligning one’s professional ambitions with personal well-being. Her search for this balance unveiled the scarcity of personalised coaching services that truly addressed the individual's holistic needs.

A Vision Comes to Life

Motivated by her own experiences and the transformative power of coaching, Nina set out to create a service unlike any other — one that would offer not just guidance but a partnership for those seeking to navigate the complexities of life. Life Coach London was envisioned as a beacon for anyone seeking to find their way, offering support, clarity, and a path to realising their true potential.

Empowerment Through Matching

At the heart of Life Coach London lies our unique approach to pairing clients with their ideal coach. Inspired by Nina's journey, we've developed a matching system that prioritises understanding, empathy, and a deep commitment to individual growth. It's not just about addressing immediate challenges, but fostering a lasting transformation.

Matching You with the Perfect Coach

At Life Coach London, our approach is deeply rooted in understanding and partnering. We believe that a successful coaching relationship hinges on a genuine connection between coach and client. Our unique matching system is designed to replicate Nina's transformative experience for each of our clients.

By carefully considering your individual situation, visions, and personality, we match you with a coach who can truly walk with you on your journey of growth and well-being.
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Meet the Founder

Nina Moyano

I’m Nina, founder of Life Coach London. My own path to life coaching came from a place many find familiar—a quest for balance in a bustling life. It was a journey from the corporate world to something far more fulfilling, guiding others to find their spark.

Life Coach London is my heart's project, born from the idea that everyone deserves a chance to explore their potential. It’s about connecting, understanding, and walking together towards growth and clarity. Joining you on this journey isn’t just my job; it’s a privilege. Together, let’s discover what’s possible.


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