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Life Coach London meticulously pairs you with the ideal life coach, carefully selected to guide and ignite your inner spark. Our commitment lies in facilitating a transformative journey that not only addresses your immediate goals but also uncovers the vast potential of your future.


Life is complicated. No self-help book in the world can understand the complexities of your situation. That’s why Life Coach London offers a uniquely personalised service. We're dedicated to matching you with a coach hand-picked to help you realise what’s holding you back and uncover the opportunities in your future.

Partner with a coach who specialises in your aspirations

Our bespoke matching service is designed to connect you with a coach who doesn't just understand your challenges but specialises in them. This targeted approach enables us to help you break through barriers more efficiently, ensuring you're on the fastest route to building a brighter future.
Woman Life Coach

Tamsin C

Health & Wellness Coach

All our coaches are fully accredited / vetted

Male Lifecoach

Matthew R

Career Coach
Woman Life Coach

Nina M

Life Coach
Woman Life Coach

Fiona H

Confidence Coach
Women Life Coach

Karla W

Relationship Coach
Perfect Match

We match you with the coach that suits you and your life

Male Lifecoach

Ken M

Public Speaking Coach
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How we can help

Areas of focus


Navigate career milestones with confidence. Whether you're aiming for advancement, contemplating a change, or seeking fulfilment, our coaching guides you to success.


Boost your self-esteem and tackle life's challenges with poise. Our coaching empowers you to embrace your inner strengths, enhancing both personal and professional relationships.


Strengthen your connections and resolve conflicts with compassion. Our coaching provides strategies for healthier relationships, fostering understanding and harmony.

Health and Wellness

Elevate your well-being with tailored strategies that fit your lifestyle. Our coaching focuses on holistic improvement, promoting physical health and mental resilience.

Personal Development

Unlock your potential and achieve personal growth. Our coaching encourages self-awareness and continuous improvement, guiding you towards realising your fullest potential.

Stress Management

Learn to manage stress effectively and regain tranquillity. Our coaching offers practical techniques for stress reduction, helping you maintain balance and focus.

Life Coaches for personalised sessions or corporate packages

Whether seeking personal transformation or aiming to elevate your corporate team, Life Coach London offers comprehensive packages for both realms. Our selection of vetted and accredited coaches is ready to equip you with the necessary tools to achieve and surpass your goals.

Individual Coaching Services

Hand-Picked, Vetted/Accredited Coaches
Flexible Online, Phone or In-Person Sessions
Focus on Personal and Professional Development
Track Record of Proven Success
Free 30-Minute Discovery Call
Starting from
£50 per session
Based on coach's experience, specialty and availability

Corporate Coaching Services

Hand-Picked, Vetted/Accredited Coaches
Local, London expertise - available on-site
From lunchtime sessions to 4-week workshops
Delivering Measurable Success
Free 30 Minute Discovery Call
Bespoke packages
Based on location, preferences and programme length
Engage with our complimentary, no-obligation 30-minute discovery call to find your ideal London-based coach.

Life Coach London literally changed my life. I had a goal in mind but ended up going so much deeper than I thought with my coach. I would recommend to anyone who’s willing to make life-long changes.

Sam, Islington

I was sceptical about life coaching, but the personalised matching process at Life Coach London introduced me to the perfect coach for my needs and I was surprised of the amazing results I got by the end of my sessions.

Julia, Camden

Life Coach London helped me find clarity in my career goals. The bespoke approach made a significant difference.

Emilia, Wandsworth

Frequently asked questions

How does the matching process work?

Our unique matching process begins with understanding your specific needs, goals, and personal challenges. After you complete our initial questionnaire, we analyse your responses to pair you with a coach who specialises in your area of focus. The complimentary 30-minute discovery call allows you to meet your coach and confirm it's the right fit before starting your journey.

What can I expect from the first coaching session?

This is your journey, and you will bring anything you wish to each session. During your first session, you will likely be establishing the groundwork for your transformation. Your coach will partner up with you to clarify your goals, comprehend your current challenges, and start becoming more self-aware. It's your first opportunity to experience coaching and see how it can positively impact your life.

How are Life Coach London coaches selected?

All our coaches undergo a stringent vetting process. They are ICF-accredited or have a diploma from an accredited course, boast a proven track record of success, and possess deep expertise in their coaching domains. We ensure they align with our values of growth, integrity, and coaching the whole person.

How long does a coaching engagement typically last?

The duration of a coaching engagement varies depending on your individual goals and needs. Some clients observe significant progress in just one session, while others may choose to continue for several months. We recommend starting with a 6-session package, which gives enough time to experience all the benefits of coaching.

Are the coaching sessions confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is paramount in our coaching relationships. Everything discussed in your sessions remains strictly confidential, creating a safe and trusting environment to explore your goals and challenges. We abide by the ICF Code of Ethics.


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